Wine is about coming together

It’s about family, friends, ideas, conversation and sharing. At Dobbes Family Estate, we are committed to giving back to our community as it’s an integral part of who we are as individuals, and therefore, an integral part of our business.

Our Charitable Giving Program was developed to allow everyone on the Dobbes Team the opportunity to support a deserving cause near and dear to their heart. During that quarter, a wine is featured in the tasting room and online and 10 percent of its sales are donated to the chosen charity.

What is the Dobbes Charitable Giving Program?
Each quarter, a different employee has the opportunity to select a cause that has special meaning to them. During that quarter, we feature a select wine in the tasting room and online to donate 10% of its sales to the chosen charity. This quarter, Andy McVay, our Winemaker, selected Schoolhouse Supplies as the featured charity. Read his story below then follow the link to purchase our 2013 Fortmiller Syrah to support this cause.

Why Andy McVay chose Schoolhouse Supplies:
Hello, my name is Andy McVay, Winemaker for Dobbes Family Estate. When given the opportunity to choose a charity, I jumped at the chance to support Schoolhouse Supplies. I couldn’t begin to do my job if I didn’t have the tools needed, and can fully appreciate the necessity for all students to have the classroom supplies and tools to do their job. “The ultimate goal is to level the playing field so every child has access to the tools that allow them to achieve academic success and feel confident”, is a mission statement that I can fully get behind.

I love teachers. My life has always been surrounded by teachers. Both my parents were teachers as well as my older sister, wife and her mother. I’ve grown up seeing the daily sacrifice, commitment and impact that educators make to the lives of others and teaching is one of the few professions I can think of that works to dedicate every day to improving the lives of other people.

Schoolhouse Supplies supports public education by giving students in need free classroom supplies, tools to encourage the learning process. I support them 100% and hope you will too by joining me in raising a glass of Dobbes Family Estate 2013 Fortmiller Syrah.




Organizations we are proud to have recently supported: