Patricia Dobbes
Patricia was born in Sincelejo, Colombia and educated in Bogota, where she earned a degree in law at the University Externado. After practicing Civil Law for several years she decided in 1999 to immigrate to the States to study English and validate her degree in law in Miami, Fl. While visiting family in 2004, she met Joe Dobbes who was living across the street from one of her sisters. Getting to know Joe presented her the opportunity to visit vineyards, help with the harvest, taste wines and to learn about the wine business. Patricia and Joe were married in the summer of 2006. She works part time in the tasting room, full time supporting Joe’s efforts and family, as well as enjoys taking part in all the charity events and general promotion of the company. Patricia is very proud to have Patricia’s Cuvée Pinot Noir carry her name, joining the lineup of Joe’s children Amelia (Amelia Rose Cuvée) and Griffin (Griffin’s Cuvée).